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We welcome anyone with a dream. The MyEco Team is for everyone at any stage of life. Ecoplastic has a career opportunity waiting for you.  Do you have a dream?

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Two SECO Ecoplastic employees discussing work on a laptop

Kickstart your career! We have growth opportunities for interns, recent grads, and those trained through alternative paths like technical schools and certificate programs. 

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Two SECO Ecoplastic employees discussing work on a laptop

Take your expertise to a new level and come dream with us. We’ll help you carve a path that builds on your expertise or develops a new talent that is professionally and personally fulfilling.

A dream of job, family, and community for everyone….

SECO Ecoplastic Employee John


Environmental, Health, & Safety

Our values align. I am passionate about safety, and I am impressed with Ecoplastics’ commitment to providing a secure work environment. As a two-time veteran of the US Marine Corps, I bring a strong dedication to discipline and excellence. My world revolves around my wonderful wife, Felicia, and daughter, Dani-Lee.

SECO Ecoplastic Employee Clare


Human Resources

I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to Ecoplastic’s debut in Georgia. It’s truly exciting to bring a positive impact to the company and community, especially as my first corporate venture post-college!

SECO Ecoplastic Employee Bill


Paint Production

Ecoplastic selected me because of my expertise in my field. After 36 years in the business I was looking to move to warmer weather as I get closer to retirement, and I loved the idea of helping to create something from the ground up.

Chasing My Dream with the MyEco Team -
Maurice Williams

Maurice Williams’ love of paint, cars, and performance drove him to Ecoplastic, and he’s looking for local talent – Grice Connect

SECO Ecoplastic Employee Maurice



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