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Join a team that aims to be the best in the world in manufacturing automotive plastic parts. Our parent company SECO Ecoplastic has been a leading auto plastic parts company serving the global automotive industry since 1984. SECO Ecoplastic is committed to continuous business innovation, relentless research and development, and unwavering pursuit of the highest quality. Ecoplastic America Corporation specializes in manufacturing plastic automobile parts including bumpers, consoles, trims, and plastic molds.  We are building an advanced manufacturing team in Bulloch County, Georgia that thrives in a challenging and innovative work environment. We are looking for the best players to join the MyEco Team in supporting the Hyundai Motor Group Metaplant America

We are proud to call Bulloch County Home

Illustration of the SECO Ecoplastic plant in Bulloch county Georgia

Future Plant of

SECO Ecoplastic

Ecoplastic America Corporation

My Eco People Are...

Dream Big


At Ecoplastic, we challenge the status quo using R&D to deliver eco-friendly plastic parts to the global automobile market. Challenging our team members to think and dream outside the box.

Dream Big


We aim to be the best in the world in providing eco-friendly manufacturing to the global automotive industry.

Dream Big


MyEco people are passionate about leading innovation and developing cutting-edge solutions for the rapidly changing auto industry.

Dream Big


We are committed to using advanced technology and eco-friendly management practices to reduce pollutant materials and waste to protect the environment.